Red Spots and Red Moles

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hello divas,

i seek your wisdom: i have these icky red spots, most of them very small and flat but a couple that are like moles that stick out a bit, and they're BRIGHT RED. i know this is some sort of hereditary skin thing, my dad has them too. i've had docs check them out and they're completely harmless. just weird looking.

does anyone know about them - what they are and good ways to get rid of them? it's purely for aesthetic reasons, i think they look bad and as i get older i get a couple more each year.

i know you can get moles frozen off with liquid nitrogen, or maybe these could be lasered off.... tips and/or suggestions for how and where in SF i could get this taken care of would be awesome! my GP doesn't think they're worth bothering with so i need outside sources.

many thanks for all the great advice in this tribe!
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    are they skin tags? if so, a dermatologist can take them off. you can do it yourself too, but if you have a lot them you should have it done by a dermatologist...(you probably should have a professional do it no matter what).
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    I have these all over me. I have had a few of them removed with an electric needle (this was not fun!) from my face no less. I've had my skin tags removed by liquid nitrogen. The derm told me that they were harmless and hereditary and nothing you could do about them to prevent them from showing up. I wish I could remember what he called them. They are ugly. Someone told me they had something to do with weight issues, but I don't believe that because my dad never had a weight problem in his life.
    I'll do some research on this.
    • I have some teeny little red fracles too that show up more every year. I noticed that my mother has them, so I guess I will, too. It's kinda fun searching for them, but it won't be fun when I've got like a million of em! Plus, the red color is scary :O

      Anyway, I don't know how to get rid of them......but I imagine it'd be hard to get them all because they pop up year after year and are so small.
      • I have one on my stomach - it's slightly raised and bright red. It's a type of birthmark called a cherry angioma - basically a very teeny benign tumor made up of capillaries. You can easily have them removed and they don't come back.
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          I wouldn't know where to begin......I think it would cost prohibitive and besides that electric needle hurts.
          • I have these too.

            Cherry angioma
            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            Cherry angioma is the most common kind of angioma. It is also called a Senile angioma.

            These are made up of clusters of tiny capillaries at the surface of the skin, and range in color from bright red to purple. When they first develop, they may only be a few millimeters across, but sometimes grow to a centimeter or more in diameter. As they grow larger, they tend to expand in thickness, and may take on the raised and rounded shape of a dome. Because the blood vessels comprising the angioma are so close to the skin's surface, cherry angiomas may bleed profusely if they are injured. For this reason, removal of a cherry angioma should take place under a doctor's care.

            Physicians may use cryosurgery, electrosurgery, or laser treatment to remove cherry angiomas.
    • Skin that is thin and fragile is most susceptible to broken capillaries. When blood no longer pumps through the tiny capillaries and the capillary walls weaken, capillaries lose their elasticity and can't return to their normal size after dilation. Then they collapse and become visible on the surface.

      Abrasive cleansers and facial scrubs, alcohol, caffeine, certain drugs, cold weather, harsh cosmetics, extreme changes in temperature, forceful massage, harsh winds, overexposure to the sun, rough handling of the skin, spicy foods and stimulants can contribute to or cause broken capillaries.

      Though it's not "Necessarly" a symptom of weight issues, it can often be a warning sign for blood-pressure and heart problems (as uneven blood presure could enhance the chances of capillaries breaking).

      Quite often, minor capillary bursts will fade on their own in a couple of months, but occassionally they will pool a lot of blood in one spot. Thought it's typically painless and flat, cosmetically they cause worry so they can be removed with either laser or electric needles.

      There are also cases of red-birthmarks that can look similar, but they never fade. Essentially, these are clusters of capillaries close to the skin and would have to be removed by a demonologist. There are no topical solutions I know of that are effective, though many people try to sell such snake oils to the public.

      Check for more information, there's some great resources there.
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        cherry angioma - thanks!

        according to webmd it usually occurs in people over 40. gee, lucky me i've had them since my early 20's! rrr.

        so now the million dollar question - anyone have a recommendation in SF for a good dermatologist who works with these?

        i'll have to research my health network... looking forward to a cherry-angioma-free summer!
        • Ok, I was born with one, and have always been told it was a birthmark. Hmmmm...
          • my dermatologist shoots mine with some liquid in a needle

            they then fall off after a few days.
            he says they will continue to appear over the years and they are harmless
            • I've had them since my teens, so it's not a big deal. Equally, I know many of them are due to a slight heart problem I've had since birth. I'll get them in times of high stress or after a set of palpitations. I'll have a dermitologist look at them if they're somewhere noticable (face, neck and hands I've had them removed).

              Other than that, I do find that many of them fade. I have one that's obviously a birthmark on my outer thigh, it's always been there, I've had the chance to remove it, but I never have. It doesn't bother me and it doesn't go away.

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