Cleaning my Lunette/Diva Cup/Mooncup? (Menstrual cup)

topic posted Fri, April 17, 2009 - 6:21 AM by  Jennifer
I just got my Lunette in the mail yesterday! When I read the instructions, it said to wash with mild liquid soap but not hand soap because it "might cause infections."

What should I use to clean/disinfect it with? Why does it say no hand soap? I figure I wouldn't want to use anti-bacterial soap b/c I don't want to kill the good bacteria in there, but what about non-anti-bacterial hand soap? Are there natural cleansers I could use (maybe an oil?)

My initial thought for a cleansing routine is: boil it before 1st use of month, wash it daily during period, then boil it when period is over for month. Is that sufficient?

Thanks in advance for any help! ^_^
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  • I use an unscented liquid soap. The diva cup is supposed to be medical grade materials so it shouldn't break down however you clean it as long as you rinse well, I assume the Lunette is the same. Probably oils would not be a good idea as they could be absorbed or break down the silicone in the long run. I have actually used liquid hand soap in emergencies and it worked just fine, I was just sure to rinse really well so I didn't react to the fragrance.
    • Oh, good point on the oils breaking it down.

      What kind of unscented liquid soap do you use? I might be being completely dumb here, but the only liquid soaps I know of at the store are either hand soaps or dish soaps. Are those ok?
      • I don't know if they are ok but they are what I use. I really don't need another bottle of specialty cleaning stuff sitting around so I opted out of the "official" cleanser that you can buy and just got a natural, unscented dish soap. I figured that if I am good about rinsing, there should not be a problem and it has worked for me for several years. If anyone else has a suggestion I would be interested to hear it!
        • the official 'diva wash' is just glycerin based soap. felt kinda jipped paying that much for a bottle, so I just use a liquid glycerin soap now.
          • Glycerin? Seriously? That's great! I have glycerin at home already to make homemade soap! Thanks for saving me a trip to the store. :)
            • Dr. Bronners is awesome for diva cups! Get the unscented or the baby kind, don't use the peppermint soap. (oooh tingly!)
              I wouldn't recommend the anti-bacterial soap because we have bacteria inside that we want keep. Using that soap may cause irritation or an imbalance with your internal flora and fauna.

              Once my moon time has passed I splash a little bleach into a water glass (no more than a tablespoon) and put my diva cup in there then fill the glass with water. Let it sit for overnight and voila, clean cup.

              It may take you a few times to get used to putting it in so it doesn't leak. I took the brochures advice and used it the frist time hwen I was around home and wore a pantie liner "just in case".
              • Vinegar would work just as well, if not better than Bleach. Bleach is YUCKY STUFF! ew!

                Its used in hospitals to disinfect breathing tubes and things of that sort. (or used to be)

                I have this first hand from a nurse.
                • The getting it out trick for me is to pinch and pull. While I'm sitting on the toilet I pinch the base where it's textured for my grip and then slowly pull it out making sure the cup tips into the toilet as it exits. Give it a moment to drain and then rinse it in the sink.

                  One of the tricks when putting it in is to fold in in 4th's and insert, allowing the cup to expand once it's halfway inside. Be sure it's expanded fully and not suctioned to your vaginal wall by running your finger around the base to feel if it's fully expanded. If it hasn't expanded then do the pinch grip and pull it out a little until it expands.

                  It takes a little getting used to but I found that using the Diva Cup actually reduces my craps and leaves me more fresh than tampons or the Instead cups.

                  I'll try the vinegar this week and see what I think.

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