Cleaning my Lunette/Diva Cup/Mooncup? (Menstrual cup)

topic posted Fri, April 17, 2009 - 6:21 AM by  Jennifer
I just got my Lunette in the mail yesterday! When I read the instructions, it said to wash with mild liquid soap but not hand soap because it "might cause infections."

What should I use to clean/disinfect it with? Why does it say no hand soap? I figure I wouldn't want to use anti-bacterial soap b/c I don't want to kill the good bacteria in there, but what about non-anti-bacterial hand soap? Are there natural cleansers I could use (maybe an oil?)

My initial thought for a cleansing routine is: boil it before 1st use of month, wash it daily during period, then boil it when period is over for month. Is that sufficient?

Thanks in advance for any help! ^_^
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