How do I dye my roots from dark brown to light blonde?

topic posted Tue, January 23, 2007 - 2:50 PM by  Tinkles
I used to go to the salon to get my hair dyed, but since my job change money has been tight. I'm now wanting to attempt to dye my roots at home to avoid spending $90 plus dollars every 4-6 weeks. My hair is very dark brown with reddish undertones. Last time I went to the salon she added a violet-type toner afterward and it took a couple of washings to come out completely. I went to Sally's and bought some supplies. I got a few powder bleach packets, some 40 peroxide (too high maybe?) I bought a little squeezey packet of purple stuff that I'm supposed to add to my bleaching mixture, I also bought some toner (violet) and some 10 peroxide to mix with the toner should I need it after the bleaching. The woman I spoke with says she was a teaching instructor at a beauty school. The advice she gave me was to apply the bleaching solution to the portion of my hair right above the already blonde parts of my hair, then after 10 mins, apply to the portion closer to my scalp. She mentioned something about the bleach "swelling" and that it may bleed color from my dark roots onto my already blonde hair and make a "halo" effect. Her suggestion was to brush the "swollen" bleach onto my already blonde hair to prevent this effect from happening. My concern is that this may cause a "chemical haircut." Do any of you out there know if this was good advice, what about the 40 peroxide should I have gone with 20, 30? Also if any of you have any further tips please let me know. I am scared of this whole process, but am a determined do it yourselfer, and money is a big factor :) I luckily have someone to help me with the application process, but neither of us has done this before. Thanks and hugs.
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  • All hair reacts differently. I have dark brown hair and all I can use to lift enough color is 40. I have a friend who has almost hte same color and lifts with a 20. Mix a lil bit only and apply it to a piece in back and see how it goes.

    The halo is hard to conquer unless you are PERFECT at it. If you see a halo despite all your careful efforts, adding highlights do a LOT ot hide it.

    I think that you would be better off not bleaching AS much and using a toner. Toner can make it look lighter than it really is and you wont have to fry your hair as much with bleach.

    Definitly keep your friend around to help you though regardless of what you do as it will be ALMOST impossible for you to ONLY apply to the roots on most of your own head.

    Good lucK!!

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