Crows Feet - What really works??

topic posted Thu, April 29, 2010 - 1:32 AM by  Petite
Okay, so I've seen old posts on crows feet, with suggestions for Renova and Tazorac as well as cod liver oil. I'm considering getting the Avon Anew Clinical. If that doesn't work, I'll try the Renova....

I'm DESPERATE!! I drink plenty of water. I don't smoke. I wear sunglasses. Things just keep getting worse. At this point, I'm alternating with Avon Anew Line Eliminator one night, then straight vitamin E the next night. Things are a bit better, but not great. I moisturize like crazy with Dr. Haushka and sometimes Murad Vitamin C undereye cream.

Does anyone know what really works????
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    Have you tried Frownies? Or you could just use tape instead of buying the product.
    • Don't squint. Wear good sunglasses, and correct prescriptions for glasses/contacts...the age of crows feet is also the age of myopia/presbiopia.
      Wear least a 45spf.
      Miracle Whip facials regularly do wonders to peel and tighten.
      Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate.

      Not necessarily in that order. ;-)

      When all else fails, an eye lift is not very expensive, less than $2000 and is minimally invasive.
  • Stop smiling. :{

    I like crows feet. To me, it shows that, well, they either live in the desert (which is cool) or are enjoying life. They are not important, in the grand scheme of things. I guess my beauty advice is more about acceptance, rather than defiance. YMMV.
    • Yeah Sandi, I'm with you on acceptance, but unfortunately my boyfriend isn't. He actually asked me why don't I do something about the wrinkles around my eyes....he said it makes me look old.
      • The only product with any real science behind it to help with wrinkles (no matter where they are.... around eyes, forehead, etc.) is Retin A and other retinol-type products (like Renova, Tazorac...that is expensive!). These can be used in conjunction with a topical exfoliant (AHA/BHA) and an effective sunscreen is a MUST.

        If you're talking about undergoing some sort of "procedure" then you should be consulting with a dermatologist. There are lasers, acids, etc. that can improve wrinkled and/or damaged skin. Botox even, if the wrinkling is triggered by facial movements. However, the benefits of any procedure/product can easily be undone by simple exposure to UV radiation (even casual exposure like a drive to work). On cloudy days too. Unless it's dark, assume there is some UV radiation hitting you.

        Oh, but luckily, boyfriends are *easily* replaced! ;o) Seriously.... if my BF said something to me about lines around my eyes, I'd fire back at him "when you do something about your _______ (fill in the blank... you know.... beer gut, etc.... pick your favorite flaw) then I'll do something about my wrinkles." See how he likes THEM apples!
      • Maybe you could ask him if he could do something about his criticism, 'cuz it makes him look like a jerk.

        Sorry, I don't fare well with guys who feel the need to critique their girlfriends' looks. I'm out of this convo. :p

        Good luck!
        • I agree...I love my crows feet...I see them as a sign of a life well lived.

          My dad loved to sail. I remember as kid once when I was out on the water with him, looking at his crows feet and i remember loving them, because to me , it showed how happy he was...

          if the only wrinkles you have are from smiling, that's beyond great! your boyfriend should be glad he is with a happy and wise woman!
          • agree with everything said so far (especially about the boyfriend! It is one thing for him to be supportive if YOU want to do something about it, completely different if he thinks you need work done on something you feel fine about!)

            but wanted to add water- hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! When my wrinkles start becoming obvious, it's usually because I haven't been drinking enough.
          • "I agree...I love my crows feet...I see them as a sign of a life well lived.

            My dad loved to sail. I remember as kid once when I was out on the water with him, looking at his crows feet and i remember loving them, because to me , it showed how happy he was... "

            You just cause a flood of memories writing that. I loved my Dad's maturity too. I'll never forget one day at breakfast when he squinted at me and held his glasses down to say: "Why do you look especially beautiful today?" I was thinking how proud I was such a good and kind man got to be MY father. So sweet.

            God bless you, Lisa. :)
      • If the boyfriend is complaining, that it is time for him to go, not the crow's feet. Why doesn't he do something about his insulting attitude?
        • Seriously, I agree. I am so over critical dudes.

          If your problem is that your man complains about your face, lose the dude. He will not improve, he will only waste your time and make you feel bad.

          It's one thing to pamper your face, but you have no time to fix some dude's issues. Life is too short for that.
        • I agree with everyone else who said it: don't worry about the crow's feet but lose the boyfriend...years ago I dated a guy like that...totally destroyed my self-confidence....always critical. And like another person stated he will only get worse.
      • petite your boyfriend sounds like a douche. there is nothing wrong with wanting to look different but not because of someone else's jackass comments or thoughts imho. I love my spouse's crows feets, they are a result of her smiling and being happy (as well as too much time in the hot sun of the south of France) for the most part and at 41 they are the only wrinkles she has.

        most topical treatments wouldn't work on crow's feet, some people get fillers injected that can smooth out the skin. things you can do to prevent them and promote good eye health, wearing sun glasses, sun block around the eyes, getting enough sleep and keeping the area moisturized. Also when applying shadow or foundation using a very light hand and consider minerals instead of liquids that can get in the crevices.
  • Topical stuff just doesn't work that well, not the cheap stuff, not the expensive stuff. Retin-A and retinol products do something, but it's not that dramatic, and it takes 6 months to really see it. There's more that can be done by prevention- sunscreen, not smoking- but once you have them, you're kinda stuck unless you go to lasers, Botox and fillers.
  • Petite, I agree that life is too short to spend your time with someone who makes you feel self conscious. But if this is really something you're concerned with you might think beyond hydrating your body. Here is a whole list of minerals and vitamins that affect skin health.

    Silica- affects connective tissue and skin elasticity. Found in leeks, green beans, garbanzo beans, strawberries, cucumber, mango, celery, asparagus and rhubarb.
    Zinc- improves immunity, and reduces acne. With severe deficiencies skin lesions appear. Found in fresh oysters, pumpkin seeds, ginger, pecans, Brazil nuts, oats, and eggs
    Omega 3s- skin repair, moisture content, and flexibility. Found cold-water fish such as salmon and mackerel, as well as flaxseeds and safflower oil.
    Selenium- antioxidant responsible for elasticity, and prevents cell damage by free radicals. Found in wheat germ, seafood such as tuna and salmon, garlic, Brazil nuts, eggs, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread.
    Vitamins C, E, and A. C and E are antioxidants that reduce damage from sun and pollutants. A promotes healthy repair and maintenance of skin.

    It is best to get the minerals and vitamins from food sources, when you can. Vitamin E, for instance can be harmful when taken as a supplement, and vitamin A is harmful in excessive amounts in supplement form.

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