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Hi Ladies:

I wanted to ask you a beauty lip question. I have an event I'm going to on Saturday and I didn't really notice this before, or it's gotten worse over time, but my upper lip on the right side is a lot bigger than the left side. What should I do???? I want to wear this luscious pretty deep red color, which would only accentuate the lopsidedness.

If you have lopsided lips, meaning one upper lip is higher than the other, do you go with the smaller side and copy it or do you go with the bigger side and go over the top to make it fuller like the other side?

I had a girlfriend with this problem, which was quite noticeable. She just followed her natural lip line and I couldn't take my eyes off of how crooked they were. I guess she thought no one would see them, but I did.

What should I do?


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  • I would go slightly smaller on the more prominent side, and slightly over the line on the smaller side and split the difference.

    A certain amount of asymmetry is normal in everyone, but is there something going on inside the tissue that a doctor should look at, or is this just an aesthetic thing?
  • Margaret:

    GOOD IDEA!!! I never thought about that!

    My mother has a bigger lip on the same side, but I only saw hers since seeing my asymmetry. I never noticed mine before... it might be due to aging... (UGH) that it's become more noticeable?

    Should I see a doctor? It's gotten quite pronounced. Perhaps I should see a doctor.

    However, I do like your idea about splitting the difference. What a fantastic idea! That never occurred to me!

    Thank you!

  • Margaret:

    The middle ground isn't going to work because I have more fullness and quite a defined lip line that is noticeable.

    I think I'll try and mimic the fuller side and make them both BIG. If not the line on the top of the bigger side can be seen and there will be two lines.

    Sigh... how on earth? It's probably always been there and I never saw it before until now.


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