I'm Getting Lash Extensions!

topic posted Sun, August 26, 2012 - 4:49 AM by  Azeeza
I went to get a gift certificate at a local salon last week and I saw they had lashes on the board.

So, yesterday I went to check them out, asked questions and thought I'd try them today.

They could be the same as the ones that are puchased at the beauty supply store, but I have some trouble with application on myself with those.

We'll see.


PS My eyelashes don't curl, they grow straight out like an elephant's eyelashes, so placement is important for where the curve has to be placed.
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    Mon, September 10, 2012 - 3:16 PM
    NO! No irritation at all! I was uber surprised. They look really natural too. So natural that no one even noticed that I had anything done to them, BOO! I really wanted FAKE, so everyone would know I spent money on them.

    I do need to get a touch up on them since I tend to rub my eyes at night time, plus I forgot about the 24 hours post no water thing.

    I've been putting in my own fake ones since the others have left "gaps" in the middle. No one even said anything about those either and I think my glue is old and it hasn't made my eyes red OR itchy.

    Since the eyelash industry has gotten more savvy, they have singular looking lashes, which aren't quite as filling as the flairs, but they do look more natural than the five in one kind and I went with the knot free sort and lay them over my real lashes. Now, they don't look as good as at the salon, but they do work in a pinch until the refill time.

    I'll keep everyone updated. I'm the full of histamine type and I'm allergic to EVERYTHING, so this is a wonderful break through for me.


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