other hair treament outside the U.S.

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Hello to all,

i wanted to post a topic here on hair treatment -products made outside the United States.

i for one love all hair products, as long as it smells good and its good for my hair.

Most of these hair product can't be found in CVs, Macy's, Walmart or whatever it is you buy your hair product.

Many of them are found in Urban city, beauty supply stores, where there's larger populations of Latinos in my cases.

I read topic of hair growth... I know I product called La Bomba (the bomb), it's from the Dominican Republic, it help hair growth, give your hair shine.

I was told by my mother there are many hair product made in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico... that are extremely good for your hair... that don't cost as much as this other hair product.

Food for thought.. if anyone every thought about trying one.. ot if anyone else would like to list ones they know... it would be great!
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