Organix Keratin Brazilian-type treatment?

topic posted Mon, May 2, 2011 - 2:35 PM by  Margaret
I just noticed that Organix has come out with a DIY hair smoothing treatment that is supposed to leave your hair frizz-free for 30 days; the method sounds like a Brazilian Blowout and has to be flat ironed in and not washed for two days before it's good to go. It's every bit as labor intensive as a Brazilian Blowout, but costs $15 vs. $150-350 for the salon treatment.

I still have to look over the ingredients to see how they get around the formaldehyde issue, but I'm intrigued. Has anyone here tried it? I've read some online reviews, and they are overwhelmingly positive, although some blondes have complained that it leaves their hair with an orangey tint, but I have dark hair, so not really an issue.
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  • Is this the thing that Rachael Ray uses?

    It's kind of oily and it's brushed on and she can't wash her hair for a few days and it drives her nuts. I can't remember if her hair is flat ironed, but I think it is. She loves it and it controls the frizz without looking flat and greasy and it doesn't contain any formadehyde.

    She did a show on three different kinds of frizz control. One was just the temp flat iron, one was what she uses and the other one is the Brazilian Blow out with the formadehyde.

    I'd like to try the one she uses. I don't want flat hair, just to take the frizz out in the summer time.


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