Hashmi Kajal Eyeliner-give it a try!

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aka kohl eyeliner
This is a very popular eyeliner used in the middle east, it is the only eyeliner that I will use. It stays put and is non irritating. I use the tube and the powder..the tube works best for me it goes on nice and smooth and lasts all day..I absolutely love this eyeliner. I get mine from the middle east but I posted these sites where they are sold or so you can see what they look's nothing really fancy or anything but the quality of it speaks for itself..
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    I have been looking for an eyeliner that doesn't run ... I was looking at the picture, and they look pretty thick, can you get a more precise line with these?

    They were also fairly inexpensive, which is nice!
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      Marg can you please post where it says this. Kohl eyeliner has been used for years through out the middle east. I have never heard of such a thing.
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        Yes you can get a precise line with this eyeliner. It's sooo much easier to apply than any other eyeliner of I have ever used, but get the tube not the powder..The powder can be a bt messy..My kohl eyeliner lasts me about 5-6monts.
      • Kohlqueen herself says:

        "What is Kohl ?

        Kohl (khur, kuhl, kahal, kajal or kohol) is powdered Antimony, mixed with a fine oil, like olive oil, and herbs."

        From an australian governlent health site (just Google Antimony and Amorphous Black- there are tons of health references):
        "What effect might antimony & compounds have on my health?

        Antimony is a non-essential element in humans, animals and plants. Its toxicity highly depends upon chemical form and oxidation state with +III compounds exerting greater toxicity than +V compounds. Antimony compounds show toxic properties similar to those of arsenic. This depends on how much antimony a person has been exposed to, for how long, and current state of health. Exposure to high levels of antimony can result in a variety of adverse health effects. Breathing high levels for a long time can irritate eyes and lungs and can cause heart and lung problems, stomach pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, and stomach ulcers. Ingesting large doses of antimony can cause vomiting. Antimony can irritate the skin on prolonged contact.

        Antimony can have beneficial effects when used for medical reasons. It has been used as a medicine to treat people infected with tropical parasites. It is not known whether elemental antimony will cause cancer in people. Human studies are inconclusive as to its human carcinogenicity, hence antimony has not been classified. Antimony trioxide is carcinogenic in animal experiments and is regarded by the International Association for Research into Cancer (IARC) as 'possibly carcinogenic to humans'. Worksafe Australia classifies antimony as hazardous."

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