Spray Foundation Carmindy Uses...

topic posted Tue, April 3, 2007 - 4:30 PM by  ~Sasha~
Does anyone watch What Not To Wear? The makeup artist, Carmindy, on that show frequently uses a foundation that is in an aerosol spray can. Does anyone recognize the type of foundation that is? Who makes it?

This is one of those annoying little questions that has been bugging me for a while. I figured one of you Divas must recognize that item!! If you know, please tell!!


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  • i done know what specific type she uses, but i have seen aerosol foundation at walgreens.. i even used it for a while, until i accepted that i am way too white for that stuff (plus i didnt have sponges, spraying it on the face= dumb looking, ha)
    i think it might be sally hansen, but i am not sure. whatever brand i am thinking of also makes makeup for your legs (also an aerosol spray)

    so now, not only do i have to worry about my nails needing to be painted, hair being done (grays dyed away), makeup being flawless, italian-girl fuzz being removed... now makeup on the legs too??

    i'm shocked there isnt butt-crack body glitter out there yet.

    anyways, the can of the stuff she uses looks just like the cheapo brand i was talking about

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