Hair braiding for Caucasian hair

topic posted Tue, May 30, 2006 - 8:01 PM by  Kiera
I was hoping to get some feedback on Caucasian women getting their hair braided? I am a professional woman who wants a new look for the summer. Do braids break the hair? Are they uncomfortable? Any recommendations out there....
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    Tue, May 30, 2006 - 8:18 PM
    I get my hair braided when I go to the beach for a week or to Pennsic. I have fine hair w/ a tendency to be oily, and if I'm not lugging my products with me it's just not so pretty, and I'm not good at braiding. The braids are tight at first, but they didn't give me a headache or anything. Not much hairbreakage for me; I feel like it gives my hair a rest since I don't have to shampoo it or style it everyday when it's braided. My braids have lasted for about a week before I feel like they look kind of scraggly and I want to get them re-braided to look nice & neat again.

    Use sunscreen on your scalp where it's exposed more due to the braids! That's really important. :)
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      Tue, May 30, 2006 - 9:59 PM
      So you want white-girl braids huh? tee hee

      It might help to use some kind of texturizing spray or wax to thicken and roughen up the strands a little. That might make it hold the braids better. Also, if you have any African American hair salons nearby, ask them to assist you, because they are the braiding experts. You'll want to have freshly washed hair so that you won't get tempted to stratch at the braids too much, which make them get messy faster. Also ask a stylish for reccomendations on a product to rub on your scalp and hair (like a lightly oiled braid spray), as well as a product to keep your scalp clean and fresh between the braids if needed (maybe a hair mist or something).

      You shouldn't have a problem with breakage, unless:

      1) Your braids are too tightly pulled

      2) The stylish added synthetic hair to yours to make the braids thicker (always use human braiding hair if needed)

      3) You leave them it too long

      4) You braid it in cornrows too often

      When it's time to take the braids out, make sure your hair is dry, and comb it thoroughly with a wide toothed comb as you go along to avoid tangles. A nice creamy detangling shampoo is especially nice to use afterward.

      This may sound like a lot, but really you can just pick out whatever tips you think fit. I worked in a huge beauty supply and learned a lot about hair. Braids can be fun & allow a lot of freedom. Plus you can add style by mixing in braiding hair of another color, or hair that is longer than your own for an exotic look. Maybe loosen the braid tips 2/3 of the way down, and secure with a tangle free elastic, letting the loose waves glam up your look. Or, do two big Pocahontas braids, tightly french braided at the top sides, down to one long thick braid on each side.

      Now I want braids!
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        Wed, May 31, 2006 - 10:02 AM
        I have hair that is just slightly past my waist and I regularly put it in the two Pocahontas braids eRiCa mentioned. Only I call them "bitch braids" after a friend of mine mentioned how eaisly I could be controlled when they were grabed like reigns...
        *ahem* Anyway, my fav. style right now it is to braid it into two frenchbraid pig tails then wraping them around eachother at the nape of my neck to form a bun. It is really nice for a professional setting when you have long hair.
        (Basicly it's the same Pocahontas braids coiled into a bun.)
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    Wed, May 31, 2006 - 10:23 AM
    I've had my hair braided and loved it! I had thin braids from the scalp (not corn rows) to between my shoulder blades. Long enough for some volume but not so long they got in the way. I used synthetic hair (had no problems with it), it took about 9 hours to put in and 6 to take out.

    Mine were uncomfortable for a couple of days, but they were really not that bad. I took a couple Tylenol PMs before I went to bed to help me sleep b/c it is an adjustment. Only needed to do it about 2 nights, then I was fine. I did have some hair pull/fall out and my hair did feel a bit thinner when I took them out but its hard to tell if it really was. After wearing the braids for 3 weeks I think anything would feel thin.

    Recommendations: get a referral for someone good. You want someone who can do them tight so they don't slip out, but not too tight so they're uncomfortable and cause breakage. Some stylists use wax which helps the braids stay in but I've heard some horror stories here about getting it out later. Mine used gel and it was fine. If I got them wet I just used a bit more on them to smooth the strays back down.
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      Thu, January 8, 2009 - 2:09 PM

      I have a hard time braiding my own hair (for when Im hiking)- trying to do braided pigtails on long, layered hair. Is it best to put product in while the hair is dry & braid, or work with wet hair?
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    Sat, January 17, 2009 - 2:48 PM
    I have super fine super straight hair. I do get it braided some times braided back (corn rowed) sometimes not. I always blend synthetic hair with itto bulk it up other wise I would look bald. If you have a good braider breakage will not be an issue. However it will feel like alot falls out when you finaly unbraid because none of your natural shedding has been allowed to happen. So for me it felt like fist fulls of hair washed out that first wash... in reality it was just normal but acumalative of what would have been lost over the month or more the braids were in.

    no the only thing that bugs me is I a;ways have fuzzys where my super straight fine hair pokes straight out of the braid where it ends. No way around that even if I put product in my hair when I braid it after I wash my scalp once the hair pokes out a bit.
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    Sat, January 17, 2009 - 5:34 PM
    I had my hair cornrowed and the stylist asked if i want them tight or not. They were not uncomfortable the way they were last time I had it done years ago. I slept normally with them in for a few days. I think wax was used but it was done so quickly I don't remember. Post pix when you get it done pleez! :)

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